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24-hour all free weight facility


Our 24 hour fitness facility has the highest quality in free weight equipment. We Specializing in strength training, powerlifting, figure and physique training, high altitude training, and combat sports training.

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    Fitness Facility

    A true full 24-hour fitness facility- meaning you don't need to meet with a staff member to join. Buy your membership online and gain immediate access.

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    Built for power

    Quality equipment unlike anywhere else

    Our facility is an all free weight focus gym- one of the last remaining 24 hour "old school" style gyms in the US. We offer Rogue ® equipment, a 55 ft turf for sled and farmer carry's, kilo plates, 4 lifting platforms, 8 stations for squat, bench, and deadlift, a belt squat, leg press, and much more. We provide the best, so you can become your best.

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    Competitive Mindset

    Goals are needed to measure success

    Whether you're joining us to lose fat, gain muscle, lift more on the bar, increase your overall strength, longer endurance, or just feel healthier—regardless of your goal, we are here to help you. Each and every member is accountable to their goals and is expected to show up.

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