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Take the guess workout of your meal prepping and nutrition with our online macro nutrition program that incorporates healthy eating while allowing for occasional indulgence.

Macro nutrition

Whether you're aiming to gain muscle or lose fat, it all begins in the kitchen. Our Macro Nutrition program hones in on the three main macros: carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. This approach offers greater flexibility in your diet and educates you on the right foods to fuel your goals.

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Macro nutrition + fitness

The hardest part of fitness is nutrition—10% of fitness is done in the gym, while the remaining 90% is done in the kitchen. Let us help you eliminate the guesswork from your nutrition by providing the proper macro nutrients tailored to match your goals. Proper nutrition not only helps you lose weight, but helps fuel your body! Combine nutrition with our online fitness program and get the best of both worlds!

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  • After completing your initial intake and consultation, your Nutrition Specialist will establish your macros and calorie targets within the online training app. You'll need to sync your 'myFitnessPal' account with the app and start tracking your food intake. Your macros and calorie goals will be adjusted weekly, taking into account factors such as your well-being, body composition, and the goals you've set.

  • When you sign up and complete your initial intake, you will receive our complimentary 'Macro Tracking/Food Weighing' PDF guide to assist you on your nutrition journey. This guide offers ideas, food recommendations, and tips on how to weigh your food accurately.

  • Your weekly check-ins are crucial for tracking your progress and occur every week. It's essential to complete your check-ins! Failing to do so means your Nutrition Specialist won't be able to assist you or understand how you're feeling. Check-ins hold you accountable and maintain consistent communication.

  • A body composition analysis, conducted through before-and-after photo comparisons, is an ongoing tool used to assess how the nutrition plan is impacting your body's appearance in relation to your goals. These comparisons not only evaluate the effectiveness of the nutrition plan but also serve as a source of motivation.

  • You can easily reach out to your Nutrition Specialist anytime via the online training portal or our app, Trainerize ®. Rest assured, you'll receive a response within 24 hours. Your Nutrition Specialist is dedicated to supporting you! Whether you're unsure about hitting the right macros or need meal ideas and healthy food choices, don't hesitate to contact them for assistance.

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